Delivering the vision
network employees want

The right mix of independent, national retail, regional retail and online options means that we have a provider on our network who’s perfect for every person. And with the largest network,1 we have more options around the country and plenty right in your neighborhood.


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Our network is made up of:2


independent providers

national retail providers

regional retail providers

Our approach works:


of our members choose an in-network provider5

See how we compare to others:3

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The network of the future includes online options today

Members expect more. And our ideas are not only changing expectations, they’re changing how benefits work. With our new online, in-network options —, and — your employees can check out eyewear from their smartphone, tablet or computer. And they’re both in-network so when they’re ready to buy, each site will incorporate benefit pricing and show their cost after allowances and copays.

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Bringing eye care to your office*

We’re testing the pop-up clinic. With it, employees can receive a comprehensive eye exam and shop an on-site store with a wide selection of contact lenses and 400+ frames — all at your office or facility.

*Not available for all groups or all group sizes.

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Success stories that will have you seeing results

"The main reason we chose EyeMed was because of the network. We have employees in every state, so it was important to make sure that everyone would have easy access to providers across the country – no matter where they were located. Because of this, it’s now easier for employees to use their benefits when they want, where they want."

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Client: Large online-based retailer and distributor

"We have a very virtual population, so it wasn’t surprising to see employees get excited about in-network access to and The ease and convenience of being able to go online and have eyewear shipped anywhere really helps support our employees’ busy travel demands."

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Client: National professional services organization

1 Based on EyeMed internal data compared to data on other vision benefit companies obtained through NetMinder, October 2017
2 EyeMed Access network, October 2016
3 All network data is based on competitive network figures from NetMinder, October 2017
4 At select locations
5 EyeMed book of business data, 2017

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