Hats off to Shawn Gillum, master of migration and master brew maker

Learn about Shawn’s new role and what he does to blow off steam.

051016-03Congratulations to Shawn Gillum, who recently earned a promotion to director, operations, and client migration lead for eyeTransform. His proven track record as sr. manager and membership vertical business lead poised him for new responsibility. He led internal teams – membership, implementation, plan set-up and operations services – through new eyeTransform processes and procedures. In his new role, he’s shifting his focus to the migration of external clients to the eyeTransform platform in addition to overseeing the business process engineering team. He’s happy to be working more closely with sales and account management in this new position as it helps remind him to place members, clients and providers first.

Shawn brings a well-rounded perspective on problem-solving to his new role due to his diverse work experiences. He’s been a YMCA sports director, managed production schedules for a large manufacturing plant and worked on several large-scale technology projects with Sprint and IBM.

Shawn has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management from Missouri State University and an MBA from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, MO.

In addition to his unique background, Shawn also has a uniquely refreshing hobby. Move over MadTree and Rhinegeist, Shawn’s opening up shop, offering some of his own tasty brews. Always looking for people to sample his newest creations, he encourages interested taste-testers to look him up! No worries, his wife is also a willing participant and is thankful for Shawn’s renewed interest in home brewing. Just add in hair bands jamming in the background and Shawn calls it the ultimate party.

Stay connected with Shawn on LinkedIn.

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