Confidence members can see

Find out how member marketing drives member experience.

051716-0142.5 million members choose EyeMed, and we’re winning even more every day. With so many members depending on use, there’s no question EyeMed is setting the standard for a first-class member experience.

That’s why members receive onboarding materials that make it easy to understand our benefits and make it clear why they’re going to love the EyeMed experience. Designed to drive enrollment and re-enrollment, our member story is best summed up by the following 3 points:

  • EyeMed gives members better choices with access to the right mix of eye doctors and a network that features leading technology.
  • EyeMed never stops working to provide benefit solutions that meet the personal vision needs of our growing membership.
  • EyeMed guides members through the entire vision experience, from start to finish, from eye exams to selecting frames or contacts.

Once enrolled, members have an array of helpful tools at their fingertips. Some are digital, like our industry leading member app and Know Before You Go. But there’s also new content crafted to excite members about the benefits they signed up for while putting them at ease about putting their benefits to work. Check out a sample of recent releases featured here. Next up? An innovation series and new open enrollment materials – both in print and video.

The result? Confidence members can see.

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