EyeMed on track to become industry’s best lab network

Uncut lens program a win for providers, patients and EyeMed. 

EyeMed network providers can now order uncut lenses directly from our network labs. It’s simple. “Uncuts” are lenses that are manufactured by one of EyeMed’s contracted labs, but not yet edged and mounted for a particular frame.

We tested the program with Luxottica Lab Services in April. It’s now ready to launch with all network labs at the end of June.

It’s a big win for providers, patients and EyeMed alike.

Win: It gives providers the flexibility to edge and mount in-office.

As long as a provider has an edger and the ability to mount frames within manufacturer tolerances, they can order uncut lenses in the online claims system and receive the lens in about 3 to 5 days. They take it from there.

Win: Patients can continue wearing their current glasses while their new lenses are being made.

Because lens finishing is done in the provider’s office, there’s no need to send frames to the lab. That can save patients the hassle of going without their favorite frames while they wait for their prescription to be updated. It also saves the frustration of having to ship the frame to the lab.

Win:  By providing services like edge treatments and frame mounting, this also means a cost savings to provider.

The uncut program allows edge treatments to be completed in the provider’s office, so there are no additional chargebacks applied to those treatments. That means less work for the lab and greater savings for EyeMed.

The uncut program is one of several ongoing improvements the lab operations team expects to launch this year in the spirit of making EyeMed’s lab network model the best in the industry for providers and members.

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