Josh Hinson noodled creative solution to systems kink resulting in happy clients


Imaginative is Q1 Sono award finalist’s middle name

When EyeMed operations runs into a client file submission issue, a claims payment error, incorrect member status or any other systems problem, Josh Hinson, sr. business systems analyst, is on speed dial.

Recently, operations experienced a major systemic hiccup with pediatric claims processing. When a pediatric claim would come through, member out of pocket was not calculating correctly. Josh not only identified and solved the issue quickly, he helped operations associates learn ad hoc queries so they could help problem solve issues on their own going forward.

Josh has a knack for narrowing down specific reporting issues and coming up with the most creative systems solutions on the block. “He is imaginative and looks for different ways to solve constraints,” adds Ashely Davis, operations manager.

Congrats on being a Q1 Sono award finalist!

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