Everyday Amazing magnets adorn cubes across EyeMed

Learn how you can earn one.

Looking across the 4th floor, it’s easy to spot green and grape glasses in our cubicles – the unmistakable trademark look of the Everyday Amazing magnet. Looking to add to your desk décor, be recognized by leadership and increase your odds of winning a super fantastic prize?

Be simply amazing by:

  • helping check off an eyeDo list item
  • delivering better than expected results and helping raise the bar in key RTB areas
  • being nominated for a Sono award

Then what?

  • A leader nominates you to an executive leader who verifies your effort is magnet-worthy
  • You are awarded a magnet
  • The magnet adorns your desk and is visible recognition for your everyday amazing work
  • You’re entered into the end-of-year drawing for awesome prizes (your odds improve for each magnet you receive)

Do you know where you stand? Take a quick peek here and shore up your plan to get the recognition you deserve with an irresistible magnet.

Everyday Amazing magnets sure add a certain je ne sais quoi to our EyeMed ambiance. It’s just part of our culture!

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