Have you checked out Luxottica University?

Noodle around the new platform – launched last month – and find custom curated resources to broaden your knowledge

In case you missed it during the busy Q4 season last year, Luxottica launched a brand new digital learning platform called Luxottica University. The platform hosts online training courses in an all-in-one, global touchpoint for a continuous learning approach. Check out the navigation guide to help get you started on your learning journey.

If you’re in a shared service like finance, information technology or human resources, you’ll be served up the standard Luxottica University instead of the EyeMed-branded version. No worries, all the EyeMed content you need will be on the portal, it’ll just be branded Luxottica instead of EyeMed.

All training from Talent Luxottica has migrated to Luxottica University. Talent Luxottica, which recently underwent a refresh, will be used only for people performance and business growth at a global level. See the Talent Luxottica announcement here.

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