It’s a great feeling to award an eye5

Employees across EyeMed have been speaking up to recognize coworkers for going above and beyond

Getting in on the action has never been easier with the eye5 recognition program. Have you recently worked with someone who did something so exceptional you wanted to recognize them but didn’t know how or didn’t have the budget? Throw someone a $25, $50 or $100 gift card their way simply by putting in a good word with your manager and/or functional leader.

Department leaders are equipped with an array of gift cards waiting to be awarded to just the right employee. Check in with them to see if they’re aligned with your decision to award an eye5, and then go for it!

Check out why the following employees received eye5s:

Jenny Bruce: Kudos to Jenny for completing wireframe deliverables for the Group Portal project and for creating a delivery plan and project schedule that blended timelines for EyeMed IT and an outside vendor—a major accomplishment! Wireframes are sets of images that help plan the structure and functionality of a website. Her deep engagement and drive to move through each milestone ultimately helped set the project up for success. 

Lindsey Holland: Lindsey stepped up and assisted with the implementation of the State of Michigan, completing 286 tasks in October alone.

Margo Middlemas: Margo improved Humana processes and training around urgent additions and recently assisted with a plethora of VCP lab issues.

Rearden Hardy: Rearden, a sales intern, kicked it into high gear this quarter with the Q4 sales contest to sell the most lives in Q4 by following up on opportunities. She sold 800 lives!

Beth Rusche: Beth also took the Q4 sales contest to heart and sold 500 lives!

Ryan Walls: Ryan single-handedly delivered requirements, tested, configured and implemented the solution for the new Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) server and database. These changes positively impacted managed vision care transactions for all 835 and 837 provider claims—inbound and outbound.

Kim Hopewell: Kim manually created numerous billing reversal files and worked tirelessly with Fallon to balance the files and ensure we receive accurate and timely remittance going forward.

Lisa Lorts: Lisa has been providing support to the plan set-up team taking on product set-up questions. She has also been training team members on how to set up the Arkansas medical/surgical product.

Angela Sweeney and
Jenny Bruce

Lindsey Holland and
Liz Carozza

Margo Middlemans and
Liz Carozza

Rearden Hardy and
Rhonda Sizemore

Beth Rusche and
Rhonda Sizemore

Shawn Gillum and
Lisa Lorts

Kim Hopewell and
Jeremy Yates

Ryan Wells and
Jeremy Yates

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