Celebrating Q1 milestone anniversaries

OTP: 5 years and a second complimentary eyewear certificate

Q1 marks the milestone anniversaries of the following employees. It’s a time when there is One True Pairing (or OTP as they say): 5 years, plus an EXTRA complimentary eyewear certificate—a perk of joining, and staying, with Luxottica. Employees can keep the first certificate for themselves and give the second one to a family or friend. Or, they can keep both and treat themselves to 2 pairs of glasses or sunglasses.  

Happy anniversary to the following employees:

25 years
Cathy Holley
20 years
Dean Colson
Elizabeth Fear
Jim Wright
15 years
Kellie Ollila
10 years
Dennis Adkins
Scott Kirk
Elina Mantuano
Janet Rahe
Barry Shinske
Tom Singer
5 years
Meghan Ellis
Scott Kosinski
Kristin Kusmer
George Martinez
Meg Roush

Stay tuned to upcoming spotlight features on those who are celebrating more than 20 years with Luxottica: Cathy Holley, Dean Colson, Elizabeth Fear and Jim Wright.

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