Self-reviews are due January 14

Don’t wait to write your self-reviews because 2019 objectives are due shortly after

This is your last reminder that self-reviews are due in Talent Luxottica on January 14. Don’t wait. Don’t procrastinate. Late entries will not be accepted.

On the heels of self-reviews, 2019 Performance Objectives are due in Talent Luxottica by March 31. At Luxottica, managing performance should be the starting point of everything we do. Creating a line of sight between Luxottica’s strategy and an employee’s objectives helps us ensure we’re all aligned and working toward common goals.

That’s why it’s important to set clear, specific and measurable objectives at the beginning of each year. Make sure you work with your manager to identify your key business objectives for 2019, then input them into Talent Luxottica by March 31.

For all other questions, please talk with your manager or HR Business Partner.

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