Cathy Holley celebrates 25-year anniversary

She credits her parents with instilling in her a strong work ethic from an early age

This quarter, 4 employees are celebrating more than 2 decades of dedication and experience at EyeMed. We congratulate Cathy Holley, Dean Colson, Elizabeth Fear and Jim Wright on their milestone anniversaries. Find out more about Cathy below.

Lean in and uncover a remarkable 25-year journey at Luxottica. Vice president and deputy general counsel, Cathy Holley, shares what it was like to join the company in its infancy.

What was your first job at Luxottica or EyeMed?

I came to EyeMed via U.S. Shoe as legal counsel in 1994. Back then, LensCrafters was 1 of 3 divisions owned by U.S. Shoe, which Luxottica purchased in 1995. For 10 years I was in the LensCrafters/Luxottica legal department supporting retail and managed vision care. Then I spent another decade reporting directly to the Luxottica global general counsel as deputy general counsel. In between those decades I worked 2 years at EyeMed reporting directly to the president, as I have again since 2015. Flash forward 25 years, I’m currently responsible for leading a team that handles many of EyeMed’s regulatory and contracting matters. The team works to support all areas of the business, including engaging with clients to support sales and assisting other teams with the complex regulatory environment in which EyeMed operates.

Why did you come to EyeMed?

After having worked in a law firm, I was looking forward to transferring my expertise to the corporate world. I felt it was a good opportunity to grow my legal skills as well as be part of an exciting and growing venture.

Why do you choose to stay with EyeMed?

I have stayed here 25 years for 1 reason: the people. The people who work at EyeMed are passionate and caring. Over my tenure, it’s the relationships who have made this journey so much more than a job.

With which EyeMed brand characteristic do you identify?

COMPASSIONATE. I mostly identify with the compassionate characteristic. Because legal issues aren’t much fun, I try to be compassionate about the fact they have to work with a lawyer.

What advice would you give a new member to the EyeMed team?

If you’re new to EyeMed, I believe you have to build strong working relationships with as many people as you can to learn and grow quickly. This is a fast-paced businesshang on for the ride!

In my role at Luxottica/EyeMed, I’m most proud of…

So far, no senior executive with whom I’ve had the responsibility to provide legal advice has gone to jail!

What was one job you had as a teenager that helped shape your work ethic?

I would say that it wasn’t one particular job  that shaped who I am today, but rather it was my parents who instilled in me and my sister the value of work from the time we were very young. They set the standard for every paying job I’ve ever held. Starting at the tender age of 6, we were expected to help with whatever household chores needed to be done, including painting. And from time to time, we would even get “loaned out” to our neighbors.

What do you think EyeMed’s best kept secret is?

EyeMed has the most  passionate employees around! People who work and support EyeMed truly care about its results.

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