Reinvented Group Portal coming soon

Overhaul promises a user-friendly experience including new functionality and features

Day in and day out, clients and internal users access a shared site—the Group Portal—to update membership, manage populations, pay invoices, check eligibility and much more. It’s an essential tool that helps us do business with our clients. Come springtime, we’ll be trading the old Group Portal for an on-brand, user-friendly site that’s been completely reimagined. We’ll also be revealing its new name. For now, take a peek at some of the upcoming changes.

  • Complete re-skin: The redesign of the site will bring it up to current brand standards, increase performance, complement the look and feel of the upcoming new (launching later this year) and allow us to be more competitive in the marketplace.
  • Updated platform: The new, faster and more efficient site boasts the ability to make turnkey changes to variable content instead of being dependent on IT releases.
  • Enhanced security: Technology upgrades set us apart from the competition—more stringent standards, 2-factor authentication and ownership control at the client group/subgroup level.
  • New functionalities: Centralized reporting, smart search with advanced filters, simplified billing and payment options, enhanced user management tools and expanded resource center will make it easier to manage day-to-day responsibilities.
  • ADA guidelines: The site is up-to-date with American with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

The new site goes live in the spring so stay tuned to The Word for the exciting reveal!

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