Redeem your eye5 gift card today

If you have an eye5 gift card that hasn’t yet been redeemed, it’s time to shop! From inversion umbrellas to Bluetooth speakers in a variety of price ranges, there is something for everyone! We’ve even added a few new items including Under Armor and Eddie Bauer hoodies, hats, t-shirts, a golf towel and a scarf. We listened to your feedback, too, and recently replaced the wireless earbuds with a version that has no connector wire.

Take a peek at some of the new items available now:

Check back later this week for more women’s swag to be added as well as the golf towel and the scarf.

What are you waiting for? The gift card won’t spend itself. Go shop! Once you’ve redeemed your reward, proudly place the magnet on one of your drawers.

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