The numbers are proof positive

Our text alerts and email programs, 2 of the many innovative tools we offer our members, are part of EyeMed’s strategy to deliver everyday amazing customer service and drive utilization. Both programs saw success last year, so we’re continuing the momentum into this year to build on these results.

Text alerts are taking hold

Launched in January 2018, Relay is EyeMed’s member text alert program, and its aim is to provide answers to common vision care questions and real-time tips to help members make the best of their vision benefits. Members can opt-in and they receive text messages with links to wellness information, special offers, benefit reminders and quick tips and guides.

A click-through rate (CTR) is the percentage of people visiting a web page who access a hypertext link to another site. As an example, if 100 people visit a site and 25 of those visitors click on a hyperlink within the site, that yields a 25% CTR for that particular link.

The proof is in the numbers. Since 90% of all text messages are read within the first 3 minutes after being received1, and mass texts see an average open rate of 99.9%2, it’s clear that text alert programs are the way to go. In fact, since its launch, EyeMed has sent 4.3 million texts to 600,000 members who’ve opted in to receive these alerts. The average click-through rate (CTR) for links pushed through these text alerts is 22%, XX% higher than similar healthcare text alert programs. As you can see, Relay is catching on.

Top-rated texts include:

  • Colorblind quiz – received highest action rate (conversion rate) of any text at 32% which means that we have a 32% higher chance of our members taking action on the information we texted
  • Reminder: Members don’t need a physical ID card and can access it through the mobile app – received the highest click-through rate (CTR) of the year at 26%


Opting in to receive text messages is a cinch. Members simply call the number on the sticker on standard-issue ID cards, then enter their 9- digit member ID and date of birth. If they don’t have a member ID on the card, members can simply select the option “don’t have one listed” and they can still opt into the program and receive messages.

Want in? You can also opt in by following the same instructions above.

Member email program continues to see success

In addition to Relay, EyeMed has a slew of email options members can opt into as well. Our email program has been so successful, 2018 opt-ins increased 27% from 2017! By opting in, members can access the following benefit information:

  • inSights, a quarterly consumer newsletter—Educational articles, interactive pieces and featured offers delivered straight to member inboxes.
  • Email exam reminders—Last year, 7 clients took us up on the offer to participate, so they supplied us employee email addresses—enabling us to add 60,000 new contacts to our database. The client gives us emails, and we do the work at no charge. With a 21% open rate, eye exam reminders continue to be a great addition to our arsenal.
  • Health and wellness email—Previously a mailer for ASO client groups larger than 10,000, this moved to an email-only piece in 2018. The email is customized with an employer’s logo and link to their custom microsite. No noise, less cost, trackable analytics—win-win!
  • Additional welcome emails—EyeMed also offers additional resources which we email to employers for them to share directly with their employees to welcome them to EyeMed.

Can’t wait to opt in? Opt in to emails by XXXXXXXXX.

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