From farm to 20-year tenure at EyeMed, Larry Norton’s no stranger to hard work

What was your first job at Luxottica or EyeMed?

In 1999, I joined Luxottica as director of accounting. Since that first role, I’ve held positions in procurement and finance, and since 2012, roles in EyeMed. Today, I’m the associate vice president leading the assignment team. We are primarily responsible for contracting with non-EyeMed vision insurance carriers to allow members to use their benefits at Luxottica North America retail locations, billing the carriers for plan reimbursements and applying and collecting payments.

Why did you come to Luxottica/EyeMed?

I was excited to join the team because it was clear that Luxottica was investing in the growth of the business in the U.S. and because the passion of the people I met with early on was so evident and contagious.

Why do you choose to stay with EyeMed?

There are so many reasons why I stay with EyeMed, but if I had to narrow it down I would say these are the principal reasons why I enjoy coming to work every day:

1. The opportunity to be exposed to so many different aspects of the business—there is always something new to learn
2. To be able to use my mind to analyze opportunities and challenges with the goal of adding value to the end results
3. To get to rub shoulders with a team of fantastic people who are passionate about everything we do to serve our customers

With which EyeMed brand characteristic do you identify?

UPLIFTING. My goal is to model the way for the team so that together we can continue to expand the business and execute operationally in the most efficient ways possible.

What advice would you give a new member to the EyeMed team?

Maximize engagement with others who can help you get up to speed quickly and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions.

In my role at Luxottica/EyeMed, I’m most proud of…

…the team for making the assignment business the success it is today, including growing it 3 times the size over the past several years.

What was one job you had as a teenager that helped shape your work ethic?

I’m no stranger to rolling up my sleeves and working hard. I grew up on a 400-acre dairy farm in Michigan, so you know what that means…getting up early every day, rain or shine, to check off all the chores on my list!

What are you known for outside of work?

As empty-nesters, my wife, Judy, and I are enjoying doing a little more traveling now that we have the flexibility, including our first cruise with some friends recently. We also enjoy spending time with our 4 kids and 6 grandkids as much as we can as they all live in the area. I also love watching sports with friends, especially baseball and football, and play a little golf. We also own 2 thoroughbred horses that my wife and daughter train and compete in equestrian events.

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