Keeping EyeMed in Check: Report It

What do the following movies have in common: Snowden, Erin Brockovich, All the President’s Men, Silkwood, The Insider, The Whistleblower and We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeak?

  1. They have their own film drama category
  2. They are true stories
  3. They also have best-selling books
  4. They are whistleblowers
  5. All of the above

If you answered “All of the above,” you are correct. These stories bring to light situations where a company failed to listen to reports of non-compliance or made the person reporting the incident feel intimidated, fearful or uninformed. While these stories make great movies and books, it’s an important lesson for all of us.

At EyeMed, we encourage you to speak up. That’s why we have an open door policy for anyone to report a concern—anonymously. And, we don’t tolerate retaliation for reporting a concern.

As a leader in the vision care industry, our company must comply with a hundreds of federal and state laws, polices and regulations. It’s our responsibility as EyeMed employees and ambassadors to uphold these. When something falls outside of compliance, it’s our duty to report it.

How can you report non-compliance?

  1. Report or ask questions anonymously through 1-888-88S-EEIT or com. To protect your privacy, this compliance hotline is operated by an independent third party vendor to protect your privacy.
  2. Contact Compliance at or make an appointment with anyone on the compliance team. You may report non-compliance freely, without fear of retaliation, to any manager, HR, executive leader and even Lukas Ruecker, our company president. See this job aid for specific detail.

Keep EyeMed in check!

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