Don’t gamble with our security: Think before you share

Last week we reminded you to “Think before you OPEN.” This week we invite you to think before you SHARE. We are bound by federal law and client Performance Guarantees (PGs) that state we must keep all member data confidential, specifically:

  • Protected Health Information (PHI)
  • ePHI
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

One breach and we could all fall short on a PG, causing us to pay hefty fines to the client. Don’t take a gamble; you should always use the Principle of Least Privilege to guide your thinking.

Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP) is the practice of limiting access rights for users to the bare minimum permissions they need to do their work.

While PHI and PII are covered in the EyeMed HIPAA module, social sharing isn’t specifically covered in the All Eyes on You training, but merits mention. You should be aware that Luxottica has strong guidelines in place for the sharing of any Luxottica-affiliated information on your personal social media accounts. Some posts could cost you your job. See Luxottica’s social media guidelines.

Who’s winning the team and employee contests?

Check out this week’s scorecard to see the completion percent for your team. Team Spades is this week’s leader with Team Clubs not far behind. Can’t remember which team you’re on? See here.

Congrats to Angie Mays and Kaity Norcross, who won this week’s “Hit the Jackpot” contest drawing! They get to select from 1 of the awesome prizes below:

How do I access the training?

  • Use your Luxottica ID to log in to Luxottica University even if your network login credentials are not tied to your Luxottica ID (i.e. jsmith, ajohnso3).
  • While most of us will access training through the Luxottica University EyeMed platform, some of you may have the Luxottica corporate platform. It doesn’t matter which platform you have as everyone can access the same training. The EyeMed platform has EyeMed branding and the Luxottica corporate platform has blue and white Luxottica branding. To access the All Eyes on You training:
    • EyeMed platform >> Read these instructions. All Eyes on You training is automatically loaded to your “HR and Compliance” tile.
    • Luxottica platform >> Read these instructions. You’ll navigate to “The Wall” and then to “Being a Luxottican.” Only take training with the All Eyes on You branding (see image to the above). Also, you’ll notice that every time you finish a course, Luxottica University will show you’ve completed 100% of your training on your progress chart—this is fake news. You must navigate back to “The Wall” and then the “Being a Luxottican” box to find all 5 modules to complete.
  • NEW THIS YEAR—For contest purposes, training completion is being recorded on a new cadence from Wednesday 12:00am to the following Wednesday 11:59pm. In other words, if you finish training Monday – Wednesday, you’ll be entered into the contest the very next Monday. If you take training Thursday-Friday, you’ll be entered into the contest the week following.

We heard you like contests

All Eyes on You team contest

  • The team that completes all training first will win a fully catered lunch of their choice.
  • Winning team will be announced at the end of the program.
  • For team breakdown, click here.


  • To be counted for this week’s training, you must finish training by Wednesday 11:59 pm.
  • On the Monday after you’ve completed training, you’ll receive an email with a link to “Hit the Jackpot.”
  • You must play by 5 pmat which time the game for the week closes.
  • You have 1 chance to spin to win for 1 of 2 weekly prizes.

Tips to make time for training this month

Carving out time is the key to successful completion. See here for tips:

  • Schedule yourself for training each week by blocking your Outlook calendar.
  • Block out your lunch time once or twice per week.
  • Send an appointment to your team for everyone to take training at the same time.

Questions? Contact Mandy Ng or Alice Kalota.

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