Don’t gamble with our security: Think before (and after) you print

 Today’s Security Nugget

We all have days that seem to get away from us, and sometimes it’s easy to overlook company policies and procedures when we get busy. However, security and compliance regulations are part of our contractual obligations with clients, as well as a condition of our employment. This month we’ve been reminded to think before you OPEN, SHARE and SEND. Our last security nugget for this campaign is to think before (and after) you PRINT. Consider…

  • Using the Minimum Necessary Rule
  • Clearing your computer screen before going to the printer
  • Shredding printed documents when no longer needed

All Eyes on You status

Total company completion is at 55.4%. We’re progressing nicely but still not quite there. Kudos to Team Spades for continuing to stay ahead of the pack. Find out current team standings in this week’s scorecard. For team breakdown, click here.

Note: Due to Memorial Day on Monday, May 27, training must be taken by midnight, May 23 in order to qualify for this week’s contest.

Now’s the time to log in to Luxottica University and get going. The training modules take about 30 minutes each to complete. Review detailed instructions below on how to access training. Just for taking the training, you automatically get a chance to play the slots! Once you’ve completed every module, you’ll receive an email with a link to play our custom All Eyes on You digital “Hit the Jackpot” game. Congrats to Tina Kidd and Pavana Shivaprabhuswamy, who won this week’s “Hit the Jackpot” game.

How do I access the training?

  • Use your Luxottica ID to log in to Luxottica University even if your network login credentials are not tied to your Luxottica ID (i.e. jsmith, ajohnso3). If you don’t log in with your Luxottica ID, you’ll be on the wrong platform.
  • While most of us will access training through the Luxottica University EyeMed platform, some of you may have the Luxottica corporate platform. It doesn’t matter which platform you have as everyone can access the same training. The EyeMed platform has EyeMed branding and the Luxottica corporate platform has blue and white Luxottica branding. To access the All Eyes on You training:
    • EyeMed platform >> Read these instructions. All Eyes on You training is automatically loaded to your “HR and Compliance” tile.
    • Luxottica platform >> Read these instructions. You’ll navigate to “Courses” and then to “Being a Luxottican.” Only take training with the All Eyes on You branding (see image). Also, you’ll notice that every time you finish a course, Luxottica University will show you’ve completed 100% of your training on your progress chart—this is fake news. You must navigate back to “Courses” and then the “Being a Luxottican” box to find all 5 modules to complete.
    • If you’re an intern >> Go to here and log in with the following credentials:
      • Username: EyeMed
      • Password: Welcome1
      • In the search bar, type “Compliance Training,” then click on “Compliance Training for Contractors.”
      • You can access the following training:
        • EyeMed Information Security
        • EyeMed HIPAA
        • EyeMed Fraud, Waste and Abuse
        • EyeMed Compliance Acknowledgements
        • EyeMed HR Acknowledgements

NEW THIS YEAR—For contest purposes, training completion is from Wednesday 12 am to the following Wednesday 11:59 pm. In other words, if you finish training Monday – Wednesday, you’ll be entered into the contest the very next Monday. If you take training Thursday-Friday, you’ll be entered into the contest the week following.

Questions? Contact Mandy Ng or Alice Kalota.

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