Jeff Smudski wins Q1 2019 Sono award

Simple and fast thinking was behind a huge discovery that needed quick resolution. A unique claims process at Humana, one of our 3 largest strategic partners, wasn’t working as it should have and could have underpaid claims. This special claims process is known only to a select few within both the Humana and EyeMed organizations. Jeff Smudski knew he had to get to work quickly to investigate the underlying cause and come up with a simple solution that everyone could get behind. He researched, assessed impact and coordinated with internal business owners and outside vendors to rectify the problem.

Bottom line, if Jeff hadn’t taken quick action, more than 1,000 claims would have gone underpaid. Next step could have been not-so-happy members and providers. Thanks to Jeff, member and provider satisfaction were not spared and the unique process was fixed!

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