Luxottica’s 2020 Benefits Annual Enrollment is here

2020 Benefits Annual Enrollment for U.S. and Puerto Rico full-time and part-time employees is coming, October 21 – November 1 on During this time you can review your coverage and make changes for 2020.

Here are the top things you need to know:

  1. 2020 Benefits Annual Enrollment is October 21 – November 1 on
  2. During this time, you can log in to the site to review coverage and make necessary changes for 2020. Flexible Spending Accounts for both Health Care and Dependent Care do not automatically roll over. If eligible, and employees want to enroll or continue these plans, please note that they require enrollment for the 2020 plan year. The Health Savings Plan (HSA) can also be elected if enrolled in Anthem PPO 1 or PPO 2 Plans options.
  3. In 2020, we’ll introduce Anthem’s Total Health, Total You program, along with the Engage Wellbeing app which is like a personalized health assistant. If you’re enrolled in our medical plans, pre-register during Annual Enrollment, and then download Engage Wellbeing in January 2020. Click here to see the benefits of the new app.
  4. For 2020, we’ll offer better rates and coverage through our supplemental Critical Illness, Accident and Hospital Indemnity If you’re currently in any of these plan(s), and you want to continue for 2020, you will need to re-enroll on
  5. In 2020, we will begin using Anthem’s Rx Choice Tiered network. You will save by paying the copay/coinsurance for using Level 1 pharmacies (such as CVS, Costco, Kroger, Safeway, Target and Walmart) instead of paying the copay/coinsurance for level 2 pharmacies.
  6. For 2020, you can save more tax-free dollars in your Health Savings Account.

Be sure you have the following ready when you go to enroll:

  • Names, birth dates, Social Security Numbers and home zip codes for yourself, dependents or beneficiaries.
  • Your user ID and password. Please note you will also need this information if you are enrolling over the phone.

Also, register to attend health and wellness events in Mason from October 17 – November 1 including biometric screenings, flu shots and mammograms. See OneLuxottica for details.

If you have questions, please contact Luxottica Human Resources Service Center at 866.431.8484. Spanish-speaking representatives and interpreting services for other languages are available.


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