Matt Palaggo reveals his secret to success after 20 years with Luxottica

 What was your first job at Luxottica or EyeMed?

I joined LensCrafters in 1999 as general accounting manager, and the timing couldn’t have been better! Shortly after, Luxottica acquired Sunglass Hut and Cole Vision. So far, it’s been an amazing ride! I’ve had the opportunity to work in several different capacities to gain cross-functional experience. I worked for 8 years in various accounting roles, 4 years on SAP projects and 5 years in manufacturing finance. I’ve been a sr. manager in the assignment area for 3 years now.


Why did you come to Luxottica/EyeMed?

I was eager to work for a larger, more stable corporation that offered more opportunities. I joined at the right time. Acquisitions and continued growth of the company kept me challenged in various roles.


Why do you choose to stay with EyeMed?

It’s been a fast-paced 20 years that’s never been boring! I’ve enjoyed working with many Luxottica associates in the U.S. and abroad. Working in the assignment department has given me exposure to the ever-changing insurance business. We also have a strong sense of teamwork in the assignment department.


With which EyeMed brand characteristic do you identify?

UPLIFTING. In the assignment department, we deal with a number of different insurance carriers, which presents many challenges to our processes, and ultimately, our customer, the retail brands. I try to be encouraging and uplifting with our team when payers make changes that impact our processes.


What advice would you give to a new member of the EyeMed team?

Don’t be afraid to change roles every few years. It gives you broader knowledge, making you more valuable and increasing your overall understanding of Luxottica across its many business units.


In my role at Luxottica/EyeMed, I’m most proud of…

I’m proud of the work we did integrating the Sunglass Hut and Cole Vision back office functions, as well as working with the SAP project team to meet our goals. Both roles offered a number of challenges and deadlines that required a lot of teamwork.


What are you known for outside of work?

My wife, Diane, and I love to spend time with our grandkids. Number 3 was just born this month! I’m also an avid hiker and love to take a backpacking trip every couple of years.


What inspires you to succeed every day?

I don’t like routine, so I welcome challenge and change. When you meet these challenges as a team, it’s the best feeling of accomplishment and job satisfaction.


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