On your marks, get set, go! EyeMed.com is now running at full throttle

How a company appears in the marketplace is critical to its success, and at EyeMed we take that seriously. Members, employers, brokers and providers converge at eyemed.com—that’s why we built a new engine, a new chassis and even updated the body styling. Now that we’ve unveiled the new car and successfully completed many laps around the track, we added in some extras to make the ride smoother for our constituents. In other words, the work we did earlier this year paved the way for access to richer, more robust content that resonates with each constituent. So, what does the new eyemed.com offer?

  • One-stop shop—Everything a constituent needs all in one place
  • Search functionality serves up better results—Having access to more and better content means information being returned is more likely to be a hit
  • Simplified routing to appropriate EyeMed reps—Benefit administrators and brokers can get connected to a rep quicker, thanks to the addition of new forms and enhanced functionality
  • Increased customer satisfaction—More sites, including Visionary blog, Starthere and EyeQ were redirected to the new platform allowing for easy customer access to previously separate accounts that are all under one roof now
  • Resources more easily accessible—The Resources pages in the member and broker tabs can accommodate more informational videos, white papers, brochures and infographics than ever before

Overall, from start to finish, we streamlined more than 60 sites into fewer than 10! The new eyemed.com is just one way we continue to deliver everyday amazing customer service to our constituents as we continue to take the lead in the vision care space! As ever, please email marketingcase@eyemed.com for any content updates or site edit requests.

Join the eyemed.com scavenger hunt

Lay your eyes on the new and improved eyemed.com and you may just win some EyeMed swag. Answer these questions about the site. If you answer all questions correctly, you’ll be entered into a drawing for some swag. Submit your answers by November 15. Winners will be emailed the following week and announced in a future edition of The Word.


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