Live it, Love it: Cultivating a compliance culture that sticks

Today’s takeaways

The company scandals previously mentioned could have been prevented at a much earlier stage. Hindsight is always 20/20. The frequent occurrence of these large-scale scandals further demonstrates the need for a compliance team in every organization, but also a corporate culture that’s committed to compliance.

 We want to keep EyeMed out of the headlines, so our compliance team aims to anticipate problems long before they could become a reality. It should not be the crisis intervention team, waiting for things to spiral out of control. By supporting a culture of compliance, EyeMed fosters an uncompromising mindset that will help prevent mistakes, protect employees and observe the rules in all areas.

On-going, our commitment to cultivating a culture of compliance at EyeMed is steadfast:

  1. Leadership is continually working to create an environment where you feel at ease, given that mistakes happen even when compliance is a priority
  2. We continue to define company policies with leadership modeling the way
  3. We recognize you for exhibiting ethical and compliant behaviors, so you feel empowered to speak up when something isn’t right

Today’s giveaways

We are ending Compliance Week with a bang! There are 2 remaining opportunities to win a prize today:

  1. Drop off all tickets you earned this week while you grab a donut and coffee at the Coffee and Crullers with Compliance Open House in the compliance area, 9 am – 12 pm. This will enter you into a drawing for grand prizes like a prize basket containing some EyeMed swag, some awesome gift cards and badge photo redos.
  2. Take this quiz to show off how much you learned from Compliance Week. Completing this quiz will enter you into a drawing to win a $75 Amazon gift card. Winners will be announced in the next edition of The Word.

Yesterday’s winners

Thank you for nominating your colleagues for the chance to be recognized as EyeMed Compliance Heroes. All nominators receive Grand Raffle entries for each nomination they submitted. See Sterling Thompson during the Coffee and Crullers with Compliance Open House to get your tickets. The following nominators were randomly selected to receive the prizes below. Nominees will be announced at our next All EyeMed Meeting:

Julie Mynhier, wireless earbuds
Jonathan Robison, wireless earbuds
Eric Schmitz, wireless earbuds
Katherine Stauffer, wireless earbuds
Jen Tucker, wireless earbuds
Mirella Battista, mouse pad
Amanda Evans, mouse pad
Megan Kelly, mouse pad
Jen Knorr, mouse pad
Michelle Mayhall, mouse pad
Pat Keller, badge photo retake
Deb Makepeace, badge photo retake
Margo Middlemas, badge photo retake
Lou Riemann-Huffman, badge photo retake
Rhonda Wilson, badge photo retake

Questions? Contact Sterling Thompson.

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